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Welcome to FishTales by FTC. We are excited about the launch of our new website because, well…frankly, it’s been a long time coming. Our former website (thank you for your service) had outlived it’s purpose several years ago. So why did it take so long for us to develop the new one? Honestly? Because we’ve been too busy serving our clients needs to take care of some of our own. It’s the whole “Cobbler’s kids” syndrome.

In the last decade FishTale has been in business, we’ve seen lots of trends come and go – especially where web is concerned. From responsive technologies to social media, the world moves fast when it comes to changes in our industry. We know. It can be daunting.

There’s a lot of noise out there. A LOT. From our viewpoint, there are two ways to combat the clamor: SOLID STRATEGY and ABOVE THE BAR COMMUNICATION. Boom. We’re not the biggest. We’re not the flashiest. We’re not the most aggressive. But here’s what makes us excel at our day jobs: we listen, we respond, we create, we execute, we activate, we follow up and then we start the cycle all over again. It’s a process we think will make you better at your day job, too.

We’re not really the type to flaunt our goods in an “in-your-face” kinda manner. But, since we DO like to let the quality of our work speak for itself, it was high time we created a new space for the work to live. Take a look through our portfolio to see examples of some of our latest projects. Then, drop us a line (or text or email) and tell us what you think about our new kicks. Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Fishing,

Courtney Fisher

Owner, FTC

P.S. We hope you’ll make this a recurring visit and sign up for our email list/blog. “Oh no,” you think, “not another marketing/advertising blog!?!” Well, yes. And no. FishTales’ articles will be driven by our clientele…your needs, your questions, and meaningful communication issues we think you can take advantage of in your business on a DIY status. We’re here to be helpful. We’re here to be relevant. Not just add one more voice to the cacophony.


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